About Cloud Experts Community

Hi there and welcome to the Cloud Experts Community! 

We founded this community in August of 2023 with just one mission; to bring community members together and provide a a platform to learn and share knowledge! We would love to have your contributions and to us, it does not matter if you are just starting in the community or if you are already an experienced and seasoned veteran! Just as long as the content is about Microsoft technological areas or relevant 3rd party solutions. Here are some examples of technological areas; 

  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Security
  • Windows 365
  • Third party solutions in the EUC world
  • Would you like to contribute to another technological area? Let us know!

Community founders

Dominiek Verham lives in Brunssum, the Netherlands. He has over 20 years of experience in IT working in all kinds of technical roles focussed on Microsoft products. In 2017 Dominiek transitioned from the Microsoft server products to endpoints, creating images for a variety of customers in different sectors using MDT. It’s also the year that he began his journey in the various Microsoft cloud products such as Microsoft Intune, Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and related products such as Nerdio.

He is passionate about sharing his knowledge and personal experiences with the community via his blog (https:/techlab.blog) and presentations. Dominiek is a Microsoft MVP for Windows 365 (Windows and Devices ) as well as a Nerdio NVP since 2022.

Dominiek will guide you in the world of Windows 365, Azure Virtual Desktop, Microsoft Intune and Nerdio Manager.

Mischa Sachse lives in Hoensbroek, the Netherlands. He has over 15 years of experience in IT related jobs with Microsoft products and 3rd party integrated products. Started with server and virtualization products and made a transition to endpoints. The journey to the cloud started in 2014 with products like Office 365 and Microsoft Intune and expanded his knowledge with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. Optimizing customer environments with Microsoft cloud solutions is his passion.

He wants to share his knowledge with the community, thats why he created a guidance website with technical blogs about moving to the cloud (https://moving2cloud.nl). Mischa Sachse is a Modern Workplace Consultant and Microsoft enthusiast for many years. 

Mischa will guide you in the world of Microsoft Intune and Azure Virtual Desktop.

Cloud Experts Community Expert Contributors

We are happy to introduce our expert contributors! These experts will contribute regularly in our community on different topics! We would like to extend a huge thank you to these experts for their valuable contributions! 

Ola Ström is a device management expert based in Sandviken, Sweden. He has been working with Microsoft tools for over a decade, starting with mobile devices in 2011 and moving to cloud-based solutions in 2013. Ola is passionate about empowering users to work with their preferred tools and devices, and he is a strong advocate for cloud services.

Ola is a Microsoft MVP for Windows 365 (Windows and Devices for IT) since 2022 and loves to share his knowledge and insights through his blog (olastrom.com), social media, and presentations.
Ola will guide you in the world of Windows 365 and Microsoft Intune.

Johan Vanneuville lives in Iddergem, Belgium. He has over 10 years of experience in IT with different kind of roles. The last 7 years focussing on the public cloud with Azure and with Azure Virtual Desktop in the last 3 years.

Johan loves to share his knowlegde with the community on his personal blog (https://johanvanneuville.com). Johan is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP and a Nerdio NVP since 2022.

Johan will guide you in the world of Azure Virtual Desktop, Infrastructure-as-Code and Terraform.

Jordy Herber is a hands-on Microsoft Cloud & Security Architect and a Technical Specialist on the Modern Workspace. He loves to solve technical challenges with the latest techniques and Microsoft products. Jordy has created his own platform (https://ITCowboys.nl) where he is sharing his knowledge on a regular bases in the form of Blogs and Podcasts.

Jordy’s main expertise area is Microsoft XDR & SIEM-solutions with a large addition of the Modern Workspace in the form of Intune, AVD, Windows365 and General Security.

Jordy will guide you in the world of Microsoft XDR & SIEM solutions.

Become an Expert Contributer

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Cloud Experts Community Guest Contributors

We are happy to introduce our guest contributors to you! These experts will occasionally contribute to our community on a variety of topics!

Joey Verlinden is an  experienced engineer and Microsoft MVP with focus on Modern Workspaces using Microsoft 365, Conditional Access, Azure MFA, Office 365, Intune MDM, Autopilot, Defender for Endpoint, Defender for Server, Defender for Azure, Defender for Office, Defender for Identity, Defender for Cloud Apps, Data loss Prevention, Compliance and auditing.

Joey will guide you in the world of security.

Roy Apalnes is a Microsoft cloud expert living in Oslo, Norway. Together with friends he founded a local community back in 2000 (Scrabble 2000) and has since then been passionate about sharing knowledge and helping everyone on his blog and LinkedIn newsletters. 

Roy will guide you in the world of Identities (Microsoft Entra ID), Microsoft Azure and Security.