Introducing the Cloud Experts Community

Introducing the new Cloud Experts Community!

Hi everyone and welcome to a new community; the Cloud Experts Community! 

This community is something we are very excited about and we couldn’t wait to share with the world! Dominiek Verham and Mischa Sachse started with the idea to create a platform where experienced community legends and aspiring community legends come together to learn, share and grow! 

We setup a platform where we and our team of expert contributors share our insights, experience and knowledge in all sorts and formats. You may expect contributions in the form of blogs, Youtube videos and other formats as well. 

So let’s kick things off by introducing our first round of Expert Contributors! 

Introducing Ola Ström

Ola Ström is a device management expert based in Sandviken, Sweden. He has been working with Microsoft tools for over a decade, starting with mobile devices in 2011 and moving to cloud-based solutions in 2013. Ola is passionate about empowering users to work with their preferred tools and devices, and he is a strong advocate for cloud services.

Ola is a Microsoft MVP for Windows 365 (Windows and Devices for IT) since 2022 and loves to share his knowledge and insights through his blog (, social media, and presentations.
Ola will guide you in the world of Windows 365 and Microsoft Intune.

Introducing Johan Vanneuville

Johan Vanneuville lives in Iddergem, Belgium. He has over 10 years of experience in IT with different kind of roles. The last 7 years focussing on the public cloud with Azure and with Azure Virtual Desktop in the last 3 years.

Johan loves to share his knowlegde with the community on his personal blog ( Johan is a Microsoft Enterprise Mobility MVP and a Nerdio NVP since 2022.

Johan will guide you in the world of Azure Virtual Desktop, Infrastructure-as-Code and Terraform.

Introducing Roy Apalnes

Roy Apalnes is a Microsoft cloud expert living in Oslo, Norway. Together with friends he founded a local community back in 2000 (Scrabble 2000) and has since then been passionate about sharing knowledge and helping everyone on his blog and LinkedIn newsletters. Roy focuses on Microsoft’s Modern Workspace. He has two decades of working in-house and as a consultant in his backpack. Started his cloud journey when Office 365 was superseding BPOS, and since the beginning of Azure.

Roy will guide you in the world of Identities (Microsoft Entra ID), Microsoft Azure and Security.

We would like to thank these community experts for their valuable contributions in this community! You can read more on these experts contributors and future expert contributors on our About Cloud Experts Community page.

What can you expect from this community?

Our team will share their experience and knowledge on this community. In turn these contributions will be presented on our socials. Please feel free to follow them!

You can also follow us by subscribing to this site. This way you’ll get notified at the end of each month on all the new contributions. These contributions will be about personal experiences in the field or about Microsoft technological areas. Examples are;

  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Security
  • Windows 365
  • Third party solutions in the EUC world
  • Are you missing a technological area? Let us know!

We also love to bring in experienced guest contributors! So make sure to keep an eye out for these absolute legends!

How about you! Would you like to join in the fun?

We said it before and we will say it again! We are all about ‘Learn, Share and Grow‘! So have you ever thought about giving back to the community but perhaps you don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! Let us know that you are interested and we will get you started with our platform along with all the tips and tricks from our experts!

We’d love to have you as as contributor. You can get started here.

We hope you enjoy the community!

          — Dominiek Verham

          — Mischa Sachse


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